Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you need a liquor license to cater alcohol?
YES! The ABC (Alcohol and Beverage Control) requires a company that caters liquor to own a type 58 liquor license, and we do!

Do most caterers own a liquor license?
NO! Because very few caterers own a liquor license, we can provide bar catering services to caterers & event planners. In fact, many of our clients are caterers & event planners.
Why should I hire a professional beverage & bar caterer?
The laws governing the catering of liquor have become stricter, and it just makes sense to use a professional, ABC licensed and insured bartending service. If you do not have a Type 58 License and general liquor liability insurance policy, you are putting yourself at risk - why take the chance? In addition, our prices are more reasonable than most of the other services out there.

I need a "licensed bartender". Can I get these from you?
Actually, there is no such thing as a "licensed bartender". Bartenders can be certified (all of ours are). COMPANIES are licensed, not bartenders. And YES, we can supply certified bartenders for your event. Also, our bartenders are covered by worker's compensation which protects everyone in case of injury.

Can I just hire your bartenders and supply the drinks and products myself?
Unfortunately we are not a staffing service and we don’t make any money on our bartenders. In order to utilize our insurance and liquor liability we provide a complete service.
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What is general liability insurance?
This type of policy covers losses resulting from non-liquor related activities, for example damage to personal property. NOTE: General liability insurance does not cover losses related to alcohol.

What is liquor liability insurance?
This type of policy covers losses resulting from liquor related activities, for example if a guest at the event has too much to drink and causes an accident &/or injury.

At BartendingSocal, we do carry both types of insurance.

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